Sign Me Up believes in technology! Sign Me Up believes in innovation! Can you remember where we were in 2007? Cell phones were a thing of the past as Smartphones were introduced into this world as new means to communicate with each other. Innovation with developing high speed 4G cellular networks have paved the way for companies like Apple, Amazon, Uber, and Lyft. Without technology and innovation those companies do not simply exist in our world today.
Sign Me Up feels that technology and innovation is what has caused our instant success. It’s part of the DNA of our system. Without it, we do not exist.

At Sign Me Up, we believe in using technology for many reasons. We have innovated new ways to support you as a franchise owner. We have introduced ways for you to communicate with us and other franchisees. We have even introduced ways to create sales without having to leave the seat of your desk.

There are many ways that technology is embedded into our system. Here are just a few of those ways:

  •  A fully developed state-of-the-art POS system that continues to grow with frequent updates.
  • Online shopping carts for customer online ordering and order status.
  • Fully integrated online approach for designing projects with your clients without having to send all those back and forth emails.

  • A virtual, in-store, kiosk that allows for easy product ordering.
  • A fully featured phone system that can connect you to others from anywhere.
  • Smart technology that gathers all measurements of a job site with a snap of a photo.

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