1. What Kind of Leader are You?

    When you own your own business, it requires you to hire employees and successfully manage them. To be a good business owner, you have to understand what kind of leader you are and understand the people who work for you. It is common knowledge that what works for one employee—in terms of motivation, discipline, and reward—may not work with another. The same is true of l…Read More

  2. Standardized Training: a Pillar of Success in a Franchise

    Remember that game we played we played as kids, Telephone? We all sat in a circle and the teacher whispered a sentence or two in the first kid’s ear and that kid whispered it in the next kid’s ear, and so on until the messaged made its way through 20 children and the last one had to say it aloud. Remember how the message had changed dramatically, every time? Each of us…Read More

  3. Lessons Learned From Successful Franchising

    Buying a franchise is an investment for both parties. The franchisee is investing their time, money, and effort on a business they believe in. The franchisor is investing their company and brand in a business owner. The benefits of franchising are clear for both parties. Over years of franchising, some very important lessons have been learned on franchise effects on busine…Read More