Sign Me Up: Community Contributors

At Sign Me Up, we are more than just a corporate franchise, we are members of our community who use our success to give back when and where we can! From contributing a portion of sales to volunteering our time, Sign Me Up donates to causes that are close to home and benefit our communities.



Sign Me Up President and CEO, Peter Kourounis, has been personally contributing to CANCERcare for years because of his belief that what this organization does for families affected by cancer is truly exceptional. Having family members who were lost to various forms of cancer, he saw first hand, the devastating effects to those family members left behind after the loss of a loved one and how difficult it can be to pick up the pieces and carry on with life. While many organizations collect money to fund cancer research and search for a cure, CANCERcare helps care for those whose lives have been affected by cancer. During expensive treatments and after a cancer victim perishes, bills do not stop piling up. CANCERcare helps provide groceries, utility bill payments, and mortgage payments to families of cancer victims. Sign Me Up donates to this important, and often overlooked, cause annually with a portion of proceeds.

Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity is an international community-based organization that allows Sign Me Up employees and their franchisees the opportunity to give back to their local communities by volunteering their time. From simple litter cleaning to building homes and developing parks with other volunteers, the Sign Me Up team helps to make a positive impact on all of the communities that our company is located in. With Habitat For Humanity branches located in every community that Sign Me Up franchise exists, each of our locations helps to improve individual communities. Habitat For Humanity offers employees and franchisees an avenue to help directly, in addition to contributing a portion of profits to the cause. It allows us to become a real part of our communities and meet new people while making a direct impact.


Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is another organization that Sign Me Up contributes to because of the close, personal connection of this cause. Sign Me Up has several franchisees who manage the effects of autism in their homes and we believe that no one should go through it alone. Sign Me Up donates a portion of our proceeds to Autism Speaks to help promote autism awareness, in addition to holding an annual event to promote awareness of the ability of those with autism to work in our industry. Sign Me Up believes that those with autism are capable of working and having a successful career, and showcasing success stories is the pathway to proving to the industry, and the world, that it’s okay to be autistic — even in the world of sales! Sign Me Up strives to find solutions for hiring young adults who are on the autism spectrum and allowing their creative genius to thrive, and we believe the printing and sign industry is the perfect avenue for the movement.

When you become a franchise owner or a client of Sign Me Up, you not only get the best service and quality that the printing and sign industry has to offer, you get real business people who are invested in their communities and dedicated to making the world a better place. After all, it is not money that makes the world go round, but those we share the world with. To rest assured that your purchase is benefiting your community, choose Sign Me Up as your preferred printing and sign source. Contact us today for more information about our dedication to these causes or how you can make a positive impact on your community with Sign Me Up!