When we looked around and saw what is available in our industry, we realized that we had an opportunity to become the best sign and graphics franchise available. In order to build the best franchise opportunity in our industry we had to look at the entire picture from top to bottom. So when we looked at the financials we really saw a lot of opportunity to reduce, or in many cases, eliminate a lot of the costs and fees that you would have to pay with other franchise companies.
When you decide to join our Sign Me Up family, you will do so knowing that you didn’t overspend on anything that wasn’t needed or that you didn’t purchase anything that you won’t use. More importantly, with our franchise system, you won’t feel financially hamstrung with all the monthly fees and expenses you will have. We believe in being extremely transparent so you can find a list of all the ongoing fees inside our FDD and operations manuals.

What fees and costs are reduced?

  • Our Franchise Fee is $39,500, which is one of the lowest entry fees in the industry.
  • Our royalty isn’t a flat 7% or 8%.We offer a descending royalty that begins at 5% and goes down as your sales progress each year.

  • Out build out costs are reduced because our model buildouts are streamlined to provide you only with what you will need to have success in your new career.
  • We don’t require a lump sum, up front, marketing fee. Our marketing fee is a modest low monthly fee.

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