What Kind of Franchise Investment Does it Take to Sign Up with Sign Me Up?

Royalties are on a descending scale and are based on sales performance.
The National Marketing Fund is discounted to one percent for the first year.

*Investment does not include working capital.

Get Started!

Franchise Fee

The franchise fee of $39,500 will be needed to get started with your Sign Me Up Franchise. The fee is due when the contract is signed and the final agreement is made. The fee is based on a number of factors associated with the Sign Me Up brand, such as training, travel and other company expenses.


  •  Minimum Liquid Capital – $39,500
  •  Net worth Required – $39,500

Franchise Investment

After the franchise fee, Sign Me Up franchise owners should expect to invest a total of roughly $120,000 to $130,000. Of course, this is an estimate based on several factors, such as location, operational needs and size of the store. The total investment costs will include everything you need to get your franchise up and running, including supplies and machinery, rent and security payments, insurance and all other operating expenses.

Typical Investment

  •  Franchise Fee – $39,500

Sign Me Up Royalty Fee

After you open your Sign Me Up franchise, you’ll need to provide the brand with an ongoing fee that totals two to five percent of your weekly gross sales. The royalty fee covers support and ongoing marketing services that we provide to you, but more importantly, it provides a steady resource to continue to grow the Sign Me Up brand.


  •  Royalty Fee – 5%-2%
  •  Marketing Fee – 1-2%
  •  Furniture, fixtures, and Equipment – $50,000
  •  Build out of store – $40,000–$100,000
  •  Advertising, Professional & Legal Fees, Travel – $12,000–$15,000