An up and coming franchise might sound like its a bit riskier then sticking with one of the really big, world famous franchise brands, but there are several reasons why it will actually work to your advantage instead of against it. One of the biggest advantages you’ll have is the availability of franchisee support. When there aren’t 10000 stores nationwide, its much easier to get the right solutions to any problems you as an owner might come across, much faster too. 

Getting into a new franchise at the core of its development puts you in a position to get in at a better rate, before growth and reputation affect the costs and royalty rates to acquire a location. Another very important reason to join an up and coming is the availability of markets. brands with many locations have very limited availability in the most profitable markets. with a newer brand the choice is just about all yours. As the years pass, many franchises stay stuck in their ways, because it worked, 20 years ago. The newer brands are more cutting edge, they’re the ones who have figured out what works now, and what will work in the years to come. As customers and their needs and expectations evolve, so must the brand. The brands with the young, fresh vision are the ones that will grow exponentially.