How great would it be if you got started right away with a bunch of new business leads to go see? How great would it be if you were provided a list of new businesses that opened in your territory on a scheduled basis? Well, you can check that off as another one of our many revolutionary features included when you decide to join the Sign Me Up family.

The inclusion of receiving new business leads for your protected territory is another way to ensure that you are receiving everything that the franchise system can give you to have success in your business. By sending you new business leads, you will have endless opportunities to take advantage of meeting the new business owners in your area, thus kick starting the development of your book of business.

What are the advantages of receiving new business leads?

  •  Develop an instant book of business for your new franchise store.
  •  Create e-mail or snail mail prospecting lists for any targeted industry you desire.
  •  Provide your outside sales force with leads to go see and introduce your company to.

  • Receiving leads can be a time saver. Save time with not having to drive around aimlessly prospecting.
  •  The more leads you that you have, lead to more estimates being issued. The more quotes you issue, the more orders you will receive. The math is simple. The more leads you get, the more sales you will get in return.
  • Add these leads to your email automation to always be in front of your target audience.

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