Creating compelling signs is crucial if you want your business to be noticed. Business owners and marketers who understand the alluring power of exceptional signs in the right place can generate significant sales success. Consider these four tips to create captivating signs that increase recognition and impress customers.

Position Your Signs Well

If you fail to place your signs in areas where they can be seen, then they will be less effective. The key is to position your signs well so that customers who come into the store and passersby can clearly see your signs. Signs that are placed too low to the ground won’t garner much attention from adults, and signs that are placed too high (with the exception of outdoor signs) may be overlooked by browsing consumers. Placing your signs close to eye level is a great strategy to produce more effective signs that incite consumers to action. Placing printed signs both indoors and outdoors in a prime position where consumers will stroll by is recommended to provoke greater sales.

Consider the Specifications

The size, color, materials used, and level of contrast in the design are strong factors to consider when creating an excellent sign. Signs that are bigger often gain more attention than those that are too small to be noticed in a crowded area. Placing smaller signs near the cash register or POS system can remind customers to take advantage of valuable promotions while they are waiting in line. By making a wrought sign out of stylish metals, you can add a luxurious touch that reflects the quality of your brand. Signs that are lit up also attract customers in the evening and at night.

Apply Color Theory

Using brighter colors can send a positive signal that energizes consumers, and using darker colors is better when you are trying to convey important information. Psychologically, certain colors are bound to gain the attention of onlookers better than others, but it depends on the purpose of your sign. Blue is thought to be an attractive color to men, green signifies health and wellness, and orange and yellow can generate optimism in an audience. If you have a great sale or promotion, making a vivid red sign can help consumers notice a juicy, limited-time only deal.

Use Vivid, Detailed Signs

Thanks to the influx of technology and excessive marketing, many consumers tend to overlook very simple signs in favor of exciting, more complex ones. To catch the eye of the modern-day consumer who is bombarded with all kinds of advertisements on a typical day, it is essential to create more colorful, intricate signs for your business. Realize that detailed illustrations impress customers when it comes to creating striking signs.

You can also get the help of a store employee or hire a model to take pictures with your store’s branded merchandise and then use those original images to create custom signs. Outdoor signs that infuse a bit of humor can make customers laugh all the way into your store. Using images on your sign that are unique, interesting, and provoke a second look can help your small business receive the attention it needs to thrive.

Your signs serve as great advertisements for your goods and services when designed with the consumer in mind and used correctly. If your business is on a busy avenue or main street that is surrounded by competitors, you need to make sure that your signs look different to stand out in the crowd and impress customers. Be sure to consider local regulations before placing physical signs outside of your business.