Content marketing is becoming an increasingly important element of marketing strategy. Beginning a company blog can be the action that advances the success and community awareness of a business. If you’ve been considering starting a company blog but are unsure where to begin, these four simple tips will make an effort an easy and effective one.

Select an Appropriate and Attention-Grabbing Title

Going beyond the “ABC Company Blog” regarding choosing a title will help to make your blog stand out more to the public. If a blog has a generic title, it’s not going to attract much attention. If your company is a shoe store, for example, you may consider titling the blog, “If The Shoe Fits,” or another catchy title. No matter what type of business you run, using creative titles that are not overly complicated will start you off on a good note.

Use Search Tools for Blogs

Understand which keywords your site is ranking for, and which keywords you would like to rank for. Identify related long-tail keywords with high search volume, and optimize blog entries for them. Keyword research tools such as SEM Rush or The Hoth can give you valuable information about how to strategically identify lucrative keyword opportunities.

Create a Photo Gallery

Photos aid blogs in attracting more attention. If taking your photos is not something you’re interested in doing, there are multiple sites online that offer license-free images that can be downloaded and stored until you’re ready to write a blog entry.

Decide How Often You’re Going to Produce a Blog Entry

Blogs are incredibly shareable on company social media sites. One important aspect to consider is consistency. Whether you write a daily blog or a weekly or monthly entry, consistency is key to building a following. When readers know they can expect a blog from you every Monday or the first week of every month, this builds the reliability and community engagement of your business.

Learn While You Grow

Learning what makes a blog successful for each type of industry is something you’ll learn while you grow your blog. Factors that matter are your geographical location, type of business you have, the content you offer on a blog, and the demographic you’re targeting. Many ideal blogs are 300 to 700 words in content and offer valuable information for the public or potential clients. Pay attention to the entries you share that receive the most comments and shares, and this will help you to realize what type of content is most effective.