Once managers and subordinates become complacent in their day-to-day activities, a company’s productivity suffers. Faltering companies aren’t necessarily good for employees, either. An office environment cannot become stagnant. Continuous improvement of worker performance should be a company’s goal. Here are a few ways to help the cause.

Celebrate Improvement

Employees appreciate recognition for quality work. Managers who fail to recognize exceptional performance help neither the employees nor the company. People usually won’t work hard if they feel they aren’t appreciated. So, instituting several ways of showing appreciation is good company policy. Appreciation should focus, in part, on noting when employees contribute to improving the company in some way.

The very concept of improvement could be celebrated in the office. Suggesting the company’s mission involves continual improvement represents one way to do so. If the company doesn’t stress improvement, positive change, and increased productivity as desired goals, employees may not work towards those goals. The guidance to follow the right path isn’t there.

Implement Kaizen Events

Kaizen events are quickly gaining popularity in companies run by forward-thinking managers. The events provide an engaging way for participants to learn new ways of doing things with a focus on reducing waste and enhancing performance. Kaizen events promote continuous improvement by involving people at all levels within the company and allowing them to play a part in improving processes. 

Kaizen events aren’t crash courses in productivity or team building, either. The activities span over several days. The extended duration allows the events to appear special. The added time also contributes to better learning as well, resulting in positive change throughout the organization.

Improve Office Internal Communications

When positive improvements do occur, does the office know about it? Word of mouth isn’t enough. A forward-thinking company takes steps to ensure that everyone knows about positive developments. This way, employees feed off the positive news and become more enthusiastic about making things even better. Steps to institute a formal internal communications strategies would support these efforts.

Effective internal communications involve exploring methods designed to keep employees informed. The processes needn’t be dull. Producing a series of daily emails highlighting the good things occurring at the company is one idea. The email could even include content unrelated to work that presents a positive vibe.

Expressing hopes for positive change and continuous improvement isn’t enough. Company executives must put an emphasis on making things happen. Embracing proactive ways to drive up employee enthusiasm and productivity might deliver preferable results.


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