An attractive storefront is a factor that determines how many customers will enter your store. The contents inside of the store are admittedly more important, but the storefront design is what draws people to the inside. Here are some recommendations to enhance your storefront before opening the doors.

Advertise at the Front

Utilizing these tips will help you consider what your storefront needs. People still like to window shop, especially at malls and outlet stores. Most stores have giant windows and doors that are ideal for advertising. To promote a special sale, draw on the glass using a marker or hang up large posters. Make large signs that can be seen from the end of the parking lot or the street, specifically picking the right colors to draw your customers eyes.

Advertise to Demographics

When you pursue any advertising campaign, focus on the targeted audiences. From the beginning, track the people who buy your products, according to age, income, gender, etc. Create designs that attract specific individuals and not just random members of the public. The Balance Careers recommends that you be as specific as possible if not, you can really miss out on who to target.

Use Maps

It’s no longer enough to just open a business and expect people to wander in. You will need to use local advertising to ensure that people are able to find you and visit your new store. Make sure that you are discoverable online and listed within smartphone navigation apps. Most consumers use map services like Google Maps or Apple Maps to get directions to a specific location. Podium explains that you can add or claim your business on Apple Maps by logging in to with an Apple ID. If you make your business easy to find, you’ll get more customers in the door on opening day.

Hire Greeters

Large stores and restaurants have hosts that greet customers as they walk through the door. On opening day, get more people interested in your business by placing a greeter by the door to enthusiastically engage with the customer or answer any questions that they may have. You can also hire sign holders to stand near the street and advertise to passing cars. Overall, greeters can impact customer satisfaction in a positive manner, just remember that it needs to be done well.

Hire Salespeople

A greeter only gives friendly greetings to people who enter and exit the store. If you’re more serious about attracting attention, hire a salesperson to work by the front door. This technique is proven to help customers know everything that your business has to offer. This person will explain the latest product discounts, point out the bestselling items and give directions around the store.

Install Lights

Some store owners forget about the importance of staying illuminated at night. By evening, it starts to get dark, and most stores don’t close until it’s several hours past dark. On opening day and during holidays, include an elaborate display of lights that are seen from miles away. LED lighting works in all weather conditions and lasts for decades of continuous use.

The storefront is the first and most important part of every store. It’s where you make the right first impression that gets people past the front door. You also want to advertise to people on the nearby sidewalk and the other side of a street. But remember to choose safety over style as you design property. Keep premises liability laws in mind to prevent slips and falls in addition to debris that falls overhead, because you have an obligation to ensure the safety of the walkways and other areas of the property are safely maintained. As according to Legally Mine, there are instances in which the lack of safety and precaution in someone’s business space has led to legal trouble. It’s best that you take all precautions possible, and teach your employees to do so as well.

Overall, the most important thing is to make a plan to keep people coming back to your store now and in the future.