Business owners often spend quite some time on the perfect location to set up shop and many factors affect the final decision. For many business owners, the ideal location is the most profitable one. Areas that tend to be most profitable are those that are convenient for customers to access and are in view of potential customers, as a visual presence is effective marketing in its own right. Finding a need in an area and filling it is also best practice for making a large profit. However, some business owners are passionate about the business they offer and want to offer it close to home. Whatever your motivation for location selection, Long Island, New York is a great place for business owners to find a lucrative place to open their doors.

Why You Should Own a Business in Long Island

As a Long Island native, it is difficult to not simply have this article read “because it is the best place on Earth, so why wouldn’t you?” But, all bias aside, Long Island is an ideal location for starting a business for several reasons —from a business standpoint. First, it is one of the fastest growing business communities and located near one of the largest manufacturing centers in New York. Long Island boasts higher-than-average median household incomes along with a high disposable income which means potentially lucrative business opportunities for local business owners. Long Island offers a wide range of potential customers including both residential and commercial opportunities, so business that can accommodate both populations will fare better.

Many business owners, especially large chains avoid Long Island for a variety of reasons, let’s discuss some:

It is an island.

Yes, Long Island is an island. However, major highways, railways, and waterways make it easy for residents to commute back and forth on and off the island and public and private transportation options within the island make it easy for residents, workers, and visitors to freely navigate the island. The island is also accessible by air and water to make life less isolated and make commerce easier. Long Island is home to 7.75 million people, or potential customers, so it is no desolate island. Being on an island is simply a matter of geography and does not impact business in Long Island.

Longer than average government approval

Historically, getting government zoning approval does take much longer on Long Island than other places. For example, some businesses have complained that what took 45 days in other places took nearly two years on Long Island. It is for this reason that very few large chain stores and restaurants have appeared on the island, which is great news for small business owners. If you have submitted the correct paperwork to the right departments, you should not have hiccups; for help with the process, read more here. When you invest in a turnkey franchise opportunity with Sign Me Up, we help you take care of all the business paperwork which means you won’t experience these wait times and can open sooner!

Because of the thriving residential, commercial and industrial markets on Long Island, in addition to the large annual income of its residents, it is a perfect place to open a Sign Me Up sign and printing services shop. Sign Me Up Franchise is Long Island loyal and Long Island local. If you are interested in a profitable franchise opportunity in Long Island, contact us today for more information or to invest in the keys to your own shop!