When you make the decision to own a business or invest in a franchise, you’ll want to shop around to find an organization that is in line with your passion and values. You’ll also want to invest in something that is sure to be successful — not only profitable, but a wonderful reason to wake up in the morning. If you are looking for a successful franchise to invest in, consider being part of the Sign Me Up franchise. Our passion is printing and signs and we have spent time analyzing our success factors and those of our competitors. We may not have over 600 locations like our competitors, but we believe that allows us to remain personally invested in each business owner and their success. We’d like to take the opportunity to discuss a few reasons you should franchise with Sign Me Up.

Corporate Fabrication

At Sign Me Up, we don’t contract out production and fabrication to another company.,
Instead, we have our own fabrication locations. Because we have our own fabrication locations it saves our business owners a ton of money that would otherwise go to a contracted company. The bottom line is higher profit margins for our business owners and lower costs for our clients.

Lower Investment Costs

Sign Me Up franchise offers some of the lowest investment costs in the industry. The initial start-up is dependent on what you already have existing, but we work to keep your fees as low as possible. This helps to keep costs lower, which benefits everyone. Lower investment costs mean that, as a business owner, you will see larger profit margins sooner and will be able to offer lower prices to your customers.

Lower Fees

Sign Me Up franchise has the lowest of all fees in the sign franchise industry. We can guarantee our royalty fees are significantly lower than any of our competitors. If you already own a sign business and want to convert it to a Sign Me Up franchise, your royalty fees will be even lower!

Aggressive Sales Methods

When you invest in Sign Me Up franchise, we offer training to get you up to speed. This is important for business owners who are new to the sign industry as well as those who have converted to Sign Me Up. Part of the training includes familiarization with all of the tools to sell your products. You’ll feel more confident to take a more proactive approach in client requisition rather than waiting for customers to come to you.

Broad Spectrum of Products and Services

Sign Me Up is proud to be the sign and printing total package. We offer everything a client would need for printing or sign design and creation. We also offer assistance with marketing and advertising, in addition to website design and creation to help grow small business who provide us with business.

Installation Vehicles

One of the huge benefits of franchising with Sign Me Up is access to installation vehicles. What is the point of making a sign for your client if they have to hire someone else to install it? Sign Me Up offers the whole nine yards and goes the extra mile to install the signs we create.

Profit Driven Site Selection

Because your success is our success, when you invest in Sign Me Up, we help you to find a location for your shop that will drive the biggest profits. We are able to open locations anywhere in the United States and will seek to find the best location local to you. If you already have a shop, we can offer to find a new location, or you can stay right where you are if it works for business.

”Design With You Approach”

Sign Me Up wants to hear your ideas. We offer design consultations that everything is on the table from the get-go. We want to hear your ideas and we will work to implement them into the franchise. As the sign industry evolves, we strive to stay ahead of the trends.

There are many choices in the sign industry, so why should you invest in a Sign Me Up business rather than one of our competitors? At Sign Me Up, the relationship does not end when you open your shop. We are fully invested in our business owners as an essential member of the team. We are still a relatively smaller franchise, but we feel that gives us the opportunity to dedicate time and resources to benefit all of our shops and the clients we serve. Sign Me Up is a well-established, successful brand, but we thirst to grow our brand and be the premier sign and printing business, nationwide. Join our winning team today and be a valued member of a recognized brand!