With the Fourth of July right around the corner, it is a time to reflect on the gratitude we have for our American freedoms. These freedoms have been afforded to us by those who were willing to lay their lives on the line to protect. Our founding fathers established this great nation on the premise that all people would have the freedoms necessary to build the lives they dreamed of, without fear of reprisal. At Sign Me Up, we are humbled to have found national success in providing services that we are passionate about. We are fortunate enough to have the ability to build our business into a successful franchise chain that we can include others in on and offer them the opportunity to become a successful small business owner in their hometown.

At sign me up, we know what it takes to be successful business owner and respect that servicemembers come armed with those skills upon discharge from their military service. Here are just a few of the skills, regardless of military job title and duties, that make Veterans the ideal franchise owner.


If there is something that is drilled into every service member’s head, it is accountability. Accountability for one’s personal actions and faults, as well as accountability for those who work for them. Service members understand the importance of accountability for all of their equipment and maintaining the function of anything trusted to their care. Accountability also includes being where they said they would be when they said they would be there and doing what is expected, no excuses.


It takes an incredible amount of discipline to be a business owner. Self-discipline is required to show up, grind the day away and keep the business momentum moving in a forward direction. Discipline helps to maintain an organized and orderly workspace that helps promote maximum efficiency. Getting out of bed each morning and having the personal fortitude to continue chopping wood through the bad days and the slumping weeks is something that service members are all too familiar with and something that helps them continue charging through to success despite the downs that all new businesses are sure to experience.

Ability to Work Well Under Pressure

The kind of pressure that service members work under — in austere environments with risk to life and access to limited supplies and extreme discomfort — makes the pressures of owning a business seem minuscule and completely manageable. Meeting deadlines and handling disgruntled customers comes easily to most Veterans as most of their military career required them to have thick skin as they worked under extreme pressure.


Leadership is a critical quality of any successful business owner. The kind of leadership that service members bring to the table is a superior leadership that includes leading from the front. Rather than sitting in an office and directing traffic, service members know the importance of never expecting from their employees what you cannot or are not willing to do themselves. Whether someone was medically discharged after two years as an E-3 or served 30 years and retired as an O-6, there is a quality of leadership among service members that is hard to compete with and sets them up for success as business owners.

Planning and Execution

Service members are armed with the ability to create a plan and execute it, regardless of the obstacles that stand in their way. It is this “git’er done” attitude that sets any business owner up for success. The ability to define the mission and clearly establish a plan of attack for accomplishing it helps to ensure that everything is completed, and to standard. Running a business includes a lot of moving pieces and points to consider, a military background helps to better manage all the different components successfully.

At Sign Me Up, experience in the print and sign business is not as important as strong leadership skills and the learning potential to grasp a new skill. By simply enlisting in the military and completing initial entry training, service members prove that that have what it takes to accomplish any task put in front of them. This summer, celebrate your freedom as an American — and as provided by your DD-214 — by becoming a business owner. Check out the franchise opportunities that Sign Me Up offers exclusively to Veterans. Our special Veteran pricing includes a significantly reduced franchise fee (50 percent less than our regular fee!) and reduced royalties. If you would like more information or are ready to join the Sign Me Up team, contact us today!

Happy Independence Day from Sign Me Up, and thank you for your service.