The sign making industry is highly competitive because a company depends on its signage. A sign is the face of a company, the first thing a potential customer sees. From in-home entrepreneurs to large industries, a sign represents a company and no one can afford for it to be even slightly weak. When you are a business owner in the sign making business, there are a few things you can do to stand out. Here are a few tips on how to make your sign business stand out in a sea of competitors.

Superior Customer Service

All customers have an expectation to be treated like they are the reason your business exists, and they are right — they are. Treat every customer like they are your only customer, like they are VIP. It is a proven fact that customers are willing to wait for superior customer service. If you can provide unparalleled customer service on top of the best product, you are sure to be successful. In the sign industry, customer service is important because your customers are trusting you to make, and sometimes design, their logo and signs, which affect their business’ success.

Be Honest

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is making false claims about their products or services. Do not attempt to lure customers in with claims of “free logo design” if that is packaged with a contract to use and mass produce it. Honesty goes a long way with customers in any industry. When people get what they expect and don’t feel like they have to search the small print, they are much more satisfied and likely to return. If you set a deadline and it’s approaching and there is no way it will be met, call your client and let them know before the deadline approaches and let them know what you are doing about it. The worst thing you can do is wait until the deadline approaches and they are expecting a completed product that you knew you could not produce. This goes back to providing superior customer service.

Admit Mistakes and Fix Them

Everyone makes mistakes; after all, we are human. The quickest way to burn bridges and lose loyal customers is to cover up mistakes, or even worse, refuse to admit they occurred or shift blame. More often than not, when trust is lost, customers will not tell you, but will tell all of their closest friends and terminate business with you. To avoid the negative press, admit to mistakes and fix them. Going out of your way to fix a mistake, even if it is not yours, goes a long way in the eyes of a valued customer and can strengthen relationships.

Own a Sign Me Up Franchise

When you are a business owner with Sign Me Up franchise you reap the benefit of becoming part of a well established sign company with a proven success record and a recognized brand. As a leader in the sign making industry, Sign Me Up helps launch their business owners success. The Sign Me Up franchise supports its business owners and helps handle things like marketing and production so that you can focus on creating and making eye catching signs for your clients.

Being a business owner is hard work and being a successful business owner is harder when you have competitors. Following these simple tips will help you be more successful in the sign industry. If you are a current struggling sign business owner, convert your shop; or if you looking into becoming a business owner in the sign industry, consider franchising with Sign Me Up!