In a previous post, we discussed conversion franchising and how it can benefit you if you already own a business but find yourself wanting to optimize sales and aren’t sure how. In this installment, we want to provide more information for those whose interest was piqued by the prospect of keeping their shop while joining a successful brand. At Sign Me Up, we acknowledge the hard work and the effort that has gone into the opening and operating of a sign or print shop and the value that you would add to the company. When you convert your existing print or sign shop, you’ll be creating a partnership that benefits both parties. Here’s how to do it:

Become a Franchise Owner

The first step is to reach out to our corporate franchising office to first make sure that you have all the answers to any question you may have. Our company is transparent and we won’t hide anything, so ask away! Once you have confirmed that we are what you are looking for in a partnership to help launch your sign or printing business to the next level, we will guide you through the to-do list to make it happen.

You will retain your shop and your equipment. Our team will help you obtain any additional equipment and supplies that you need to be a full-service Sign Me Up shop, as well as rebrand your shop. The benefit of partnering with Sign Me Up as a franchise owner is you will continue to be able to conduct your day-to-day sign and print business, but now you will have access to our suppliers for your bulk buying needs, use of our sign fabrication warehouse, as well as an expanded client pool. With a well-recognized brand name, you’ll have a stronger presence and you’ll continue to have the training and corporate support to help take your shop from a simple copy and print store to the premier printing and sign shop for your area.

Franchising with Sign Me Up

One of the biggest reasons that business owners choose to partner with us is so that they can continue to do what they are best at —running their shop. Sign Me Up supports all of our business owners by offering training and continued support to help shop owners expand their expertise and offer a wider variety of products and services. At Sign Me Up we provide our shop owners with all of the printing and sign making supplies they should need as well as access to our fabrication shop for things that cannot be handled in-house. This means when you are a Sign Me Up shop, there is no need to refer customers elsewhere or outsource the job to a third party vendor. We also provide the point of sale (POS) software and tools, and in some cases, this is enough to really allow sales to skyrocket for mom and pop shops who had previously used paper logging and third party card scanners or were restricted to cash-only. Sign Me Up also handles all of the online marketing campaigns and website and marketing, which takes a huge responsibility off of the business owner’s plate!

You put a lot of work into starting your print and sign business, there should be no reason for you to let go of it! If you are a current sign or print shop business owner who is looking to expand or sales have not been what you would like them to be, consider converting your shop to a Sign Me Up. For more information and for franchise opportunities, contact us today!