We have a franchise opportunity for everyone!

At Sign Me Up franchise, we have been a part of the sign business evolution. We have analyzed our own successes, strengths, and weaknesses as well as those of our competitors so that we can provide the best business models for our business owners. We decided the best approach for success is to offer a variety of franchise models for business owners to select from. If you are interested in becoming a business owner with Sign Me Up, review our franchise models to find the best one to match your interests.

Franchise Models

Lite Model

Our lite model franchise model is exactly what the name implies, the light version of our franchise models. The lite model was created to cater to the business owner who feels that the sign business is a great business to get into, but isn’t quite ready to jump in head-first. The lite model Sign Me Up business allows you to own a print and sign shop without worrying about the overhead, equipment, or inventory. You can focus on selling the services while outsourcing the product and services to one of our many approved vendors or full-service Sign Me Up shops. When you chose the lite model, you’ll have a much smaller building that reduces operating costs. You’ll be able to design and sell our entire product line, without worrying about actually making the signs. The lite model allows the creative business owner to focus on designing with the clients and reduces the need for a full staff or in-store inventory. Once you feel comfortable in the sign industry, you have the option to upgrade to another model to increase earning potential, or remain with the lite model to keep things simple.

Conversion Model

If you already own a sign or printing business, the conversion model is for you! Once you become a business owner with Sign Me Up franchise, you can keep your current location and equipment. We will upgrade your location with equipment, inventory, and design of Sign Me Up. This benefits the business owner who already has a client base, but wants to take advantage of a well recognized name and all the resources that come along with it. At Sign Me Up, we take care of all our own sign fabrication, inventory, and installation so that you don’t have to pay extra for outsourcing. This will help increase your profits while decreasing cost to customers, which will help grow your client base. When you convert your existing shop to a Sign Me Up shop, your start up fees and royalties will be significantly lower than with any other sign franchise.

Retail Model

The retail model is the most popular and the classic model. It is our full storefront business model with a complete retail store that provides all of our products and services. The retail model arms you with all the business has to offer including all equipment, inventory, and infrastructure needed to design and produce your signs. When you become Sign Me Up business owner, you will be able to produce at least 70 percent of the products and services you sell. We will also include you in continuing training to help you market your business for maximum success. Another advantage is that we will include an installation vehicle so that you can install the signs you make. In addition to sign and printing, we offer a wide variety of products that you can offer your customers including website packages, search-engine optimization, online marketing packages, photoshoots, and graphic design packages.

Fabrication Model

Our largest franchise model is the fabrication model , which offers everything Sign Me Up makes and sells! The fabrication model franchise model allows you to own a fabrication facility, where you will produce fabricated signs. If you own a fabrication facility in conjunction with a retail store, you will be able to supply your own large, fabricated signs, which will dramatically reduce your overhead costs, which will widen profit margins. If you live in an area that lacks production capability, you stand to gain all the business from other sign shop clients, or their outsourcing. This means sign creation from other local sign shops will be outsourced to you! Owning a fabrication facility allows you the opportunity to easily open several retail stores and corner the market for an entire territory.

At Sign Me Up franchise, we are passionate about our business and it shows. We offer a variety of franchise models to fit any business owner’s goals and investment abilities. Once you become a Sign Me Up business owner, the growth potential is limitless. If you are interested in becoming a business owner with Sign Me Up, check us out online for more information and then contact us to get started! We look forward to you joining our team!