No matter what type of business you own, events help to boost interaction and reach out to potential customers who have not yet made the leap to check out what you have to offer. Events help to boost sales, and they are an effective way to advertise your business. There are several kinds of events that people enjoy attending such as learning events that teach people “how-to” do what you do, hands-on events where you allow attendees to actively participate, and VIP events that make the attendees feel like they are part of an exclusive club. If you own a print or sign shop, we have gathered a few ideas for events that you can host.

How-to Workshops

Spend some time getting a general idea of the types of clients you have using your services and then host how-to events that cater to their needs. For instance, if many of your clients are small business owners and use your printing services to create flyers or brochures, host a how-to on creating and printing beautiful brochures that will display information in an aesthetically pleasing way. If many of your clients are churches and schools making photocopies of information to pass out to their members or students, host a how-to about effectively using the photocopier to make the most readable, presentable pages. If you have multiple clients, host how-tos once a month or so to cater to different needs.

Special Guest Events

Invite a special guest to speak at your shop and invite guests to hear them. The special guest speaker should have relevance to your typical clients, such as a franchise owner who can speak about franchises and being a business owner. Perhaps you can invite a local author to come speak about writing and publishing work. While your speakers don’t need to come talk about printing and sign making, they can speak about their successes in their craft, which may in turn encourage someone in the audience to chase their dreams, and use your services!

Charitable Event

Charitable events are always a great opportunity to get out of your shop and into the community. Whether you host a charitable event such as collecting jackets for the needy in the fall, or you participate in an event such as by hosting a booth at a 5k run or offering to make the programs for a charity auction, you will get your company’s name into the community and let community members know that you are invested in more than just profits. Participating in charitable events will encourage community members to take advantage of services that you offer.

Not all events have to lead to direct sales during the event. The point of shop events is to promote your name and make people aware of your location and the services that you offer. By hosting events, you are letting your clients or potential clients know that they matter to you and that you are invested in them. Events help the general public realize how approachable and helpful your business is and may just switch their business from another company to yours or recommend your services to someone they know. If you are looking for a franchise opportunity with a supportive corporate company who is as invested in you as you are in your clients, contact us at Sign Me Up Franchise.