1. 5 Tricks to Add More Value to Your Business Before Selling It

    You have been working hard on your business, and now it is time to sell it. Perhaps you are retiring, or you just want to do something else. All the work you put into building your business will still pay off when you sell it to someone else. What can you do to drastically boost the value of your business before selling it? Here are five ways to boost the price of your bus…Read More

  2. 4 Tips to Make Your Signage More Impressive

    Creating compelling signs is crucial if you want your business to be noticed. Business owners and marketers who understand the alluring power of exceptional signs in the right place can generate significant sales success. Consider these four tips to create captivating signs that increase recognition and impress customers. Position Your Signs Well If you fail to place your …Read More

  3. 3 Ways to Boost Your Startup’s Image

    As your company gets off the ground, its reputation will become part of its capital. Your new company is a blank slate that rapidly earns an image in the community in which it does business. Here are some ways to help earn a great image for your company. Deliberate Branding Ultimately, your company acquires its own brand. This is the sum total of its reputation and the per…Read More

  4. 3 Traditional Marketing Strategies That Still Work

    While many modern forms of marketing are pushing forward the business world, certain traditional marketing strategies will work for your business still. Customers and clients will enjoy seeing a fresh approach to traditional marketing that they might not be expecting. It's a great way to switch up from social media and other digital marketing tools that many businesses rel…Read More

  5. Take the Next Step in Marketing Your Business with Branded Apparel

    When launching a new business venture, one of the most critical things to consider is your cultivation and use of branded material. Regardless of what you choose to market, your branded apparel has the potential to serve as one of your most powerful vehicles of promotion. Here are four things to consider when creating your business promotion plan. Why Invest in Branded Mat…Read More

  6. Practice Smart SEO to Attract Traffic to Your Website

    When the conversation turns to search engine optimization (SEO), most people know very little about it, or what they do know is out of date. BrightEdge describes SEO as “the marketing and site process to make your content more visible and interpretable to search engines and more valuable to users.“ Essentially, it’s the ability to make your online content more easily…Read More

  7. Is Two-Step Verification Really Necessary for My Business?

    Two-step verification is often associated with attaching an extra layer of security to your firm's online email or social media account, service, or apps. Usually, the procedure includes getting a verification code by SMS or via a direct phone call. However, some sites offer the option of handling two-step verification through an authentication app. How Does It Help Your B…Read More

  8. How to Build an Attention-Grabbing Ad

    Advertising is always changing in the way it's presented and the ways you can reach the intended customer target group. Maybe you're only a small business that hasn't been around long at all, and you don't have the kind of revenue to begin television and radio advertising. Fortunately, there are many advertising platforms beyond industry basics like pay-per-click (PPC) sea…Read More

  9. What Start-Up Businesses Need To Succeed

    Launching your own business is a tremendous opportunity, but only when you take the time to learn from others. There are certain traits and practices all successful entrepreneurs put into practice and, by implementing them yourself, you can boost the chances that your start-up will thrive. Develop a Solid Action Plan Your business strategy must be strong and actionable to …Read More

  10. 5 Things First Time Franchise Owners Need to Think About

    People buy franchises to avoid the risks of doing a startup. There is still a lot of work involved in owning and running this type of business. There are five things that franchise owners should think about when they first get started. Skills All business owners must have certain traits to do their jobs properly. The most important of these skills are strong communication …Read More