Are you looking for franchise opportunities but aren’t quite sure where to start? Are business ownership and financial freedom things you’ve always wanted?

If you’re currently looking to become a franchise owner, Sign Me Up has the proven franchise models you need to become a successful business owner. Take a look at the ten easy steps to owning your own franchise.


Step 1: Review all information

Take your time to review all the information on our website and on our introductory brochure.

Step 2: Call with franchise development representative

A franchise development representative will get in touch with you and begin the qualification process with you.

Step 3: Complete confidential information forms

You will need to thoroughly fill out all financial disclosures to properly qualify you as a franchise candidate.

Step 4: Review FDD with franchise development representative

You will then be issued a FDD for you to review. You will have 14 days to review the document.

Step 5: Speak to other Sign Me Up franchise owners

In those 14 days, you should be reaching out to current Sign Me Up franchise owners to gauge their current opinions of the company.

Step 6: Discovery day with our VP of Franchise Development

You’ll also schedule a discovery day with our VP of Franchise Development, Joseph Cellucci. He’ll personally walk you through current stores and introduce you to some other owners.

Step 7: Call with our CEO

Our CEO, Peter Kourounis enjoys speaking with each and everyone of the potential franchise owners to answer any further questions or concerns that you may have.

Step 8: Execute the franchise agreement

You will sign and fully execute our franchise agreement with us. This is when your franchise fee is due and you officially become part of the Sign Me Up family.

Step 9: Schedule your training

After you’re done celebrating with your loved ones, don’t forget to contact your area representative to schedule your certified training program.

Step 10: Franchise ownership!

Congratulations! You have officially finished training and your store is up and running. Now you can begin your journey to financial success with Sign Me Up!

The path to financial security and freedom is easy when you have your own business. With the franchise opportunities that Sign Me Up has to offer, you can begin to gain the financial security you’ve always wanted.

Trying to find a franchise that fits your lifestyle and expertise can be difficult, which is why the many franchise models from Sign Me Up are ideal anyone. Because we offer four different models, we give any potential business owner the opportunity to choose the right option. Whether you’re looking for a franchise for sale or you’re looking to convert your current business into something more lucrative, we have the perfect options for you.

Make a Smart Investment

We know that starting a business from scratch can be a risky investment, but investing in a franchise that already has a structure in place is much less risky. We know that finding the right franchise is important for making the best possible investment, and Sign Me Up offers security and structure in their business models.

If you’re looking for a franchise to invest in and are interested in the models that Sign Me Up has to offer, don’t hesitate to get started. Give us a call and give yourself the chance to become financially secure!